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Private passenger vehicles are now widely used for work purposes where employees or contractors of a company use their personal vehicles for work purposes and then claim the ‘at work' mileage. Companies call this type of shared vehicle usage as ‘Grey Fleet'. In a traditional fleet management system, companies manage the compliances of their fleet vehicles but when companies use a ‘Grey Fleet' they have limited visibility of an employee's or contractor's vehicle compliance and have limited capacity for tracking the vehicle when it is being used for work purposes. This is a huge risk for any organisation and can result into a huge worker compensation claim if the employee or contractor is involved in an incident and the vehicle does not have a compliance certificate, insurance cover or valid registration. The Wisecar app mitigates this risk and provides a complete compliance view of an employee's or contractor's vehicle to mitigate any risk associated with compliance. Employees and contractors can manage multiple vehicles, record the service records, registration documents and insurance documents and can share the details with the employer when using the vehicle for work purpose. They also can track and claim 'at work' mileage through the app and record any other expenses such as fuel receipts, parking receipts and toll receipts. Wisecar is a single SaaS platform to secure and share all vehicle compliance documents and claims between the employer and the employee. It is a B2B platform and the target market is corporate organisations who use ‘Grey Fleet' for business purposes. Wisecar uses blockchain and GPS sensing technologies to establish a unique and complete trust between the employee and employer when the employee is sharing his vehicle for work purposes.

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