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Emanuel is a Business and Information Technology (IT) Leader with 17 years of experience delivering business-critical solutions to private and public organisations. His passion is to enable companies to succeed while empowering individuals to develop personally, academically, and professionally. He specialises in helping businesses make better strategic, financial, and risk management decisions through sound business strategies, knowledge management techniques, information system analysis and design processes, telecommunications, adaptive application delivery, and suitable cybersecurity measures. He can help clients cater to their current customers and explore new ways to harness the opportunities of the 4th industrial revolution proactively through emerging technologies. Also, he can assist clients in gauging the suitability of further expanding into the digital economy to respond appropriately to digital disruption and realise new competitive advantages. In any role, he utilises his positive leadership skills to create a culture that fosters life-long learning, positive employee outcomes, promotion of diversity, respect, and teamwork.

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