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Rely is the world's only intelligent assistant designed to automate essential tasks for Professional Education, CPE Points, PI Insurance and Professional License renewals. Born out of frustration with manual inefficiencies, our founder Helena Austin is on a mission to simplify professional license renewals with Rely HQ. With over four decades of experience, she has simplified the process for financial industry professionals to just a couple of clicks. RelyHQ is the intelligent assistant who's mission is to focus on excellent customer service. As the founder of RelyHQ I have put a lot of my time, energy and finances into providing the best programme for the best customers. Rely HQ ensures you never miss another deadline. Every year thousands of professionals let their professional license lapse by not taking the advised steps to remain accredited. RelyHQ plans to educate industries with the most up to date education whilst ensuring that no accreditation ever lapses. By delivering a personalised experience, Rely HQ takes the hassle out of old archaic manual process of sourcing professional education and professional license renewal. The first all-in-one automated concierge service, provides monthly updates on personalised Compulsory Professional Education, CPD points, PI insurance and Professional license renewal all within an easy to use mobile/desktop app. RelyHQ will be passing savings onto customers, most will pay less for their education and insurance. Starting with the familiar world of finance, RelyHQ will be opening this service up to other industry professionals soon.

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