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Based in Sydney, Australia, QTECX Solutions is a team of expert consultants for CRM, business process automation, data management, and applications integrations. We work on all aspects of customer relationships: business process management, marketing automation, sales enablement, and customer service. We have been designing customer-facing applications, with our passion for delivering excellent customer experience. From client requirements to planning stage to implementation or consulting on a variety of challenges, we tailor our work to the individual unique requirements and needs of every client. At QTECX Solutions, excellence is deeply ingrained in our DNA. We not only meet expectations but strive to exceed those every time. We strongly believe in delivering quality solutions designed to works for years. Our team members have diverse expertise and have been associated with a number of industries: Higher Education, Retail, Franchise, Insurance, Airlines, Telecommunications, Utilities, and Banks & other Financial Institutions. Our team members have worked in 20+ countries, from Australia, Far East Asia, the Middle East to Africa, Europe, and North America. Our services: - CRM Consulting and Implementation - Application Integrations - Data Quality management

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