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InfuzeIT is an Information Technology support business based in Melbourne. We focus on providing high-quality I.T solutions and support services for SME's. We audit, manage and monitor IT infrastructure of our client's businesses to ensure the smooth running of operations year round. Our mission is to provide high-quality technology-based services and always deliver the ultimate customer experience. Our vision is to continuously strive to make our technology integrated with your business and help you expand. Founded back in 2014, we have managed to offer extensive technical expertise to provide a range of solutions for an effective IT infrastructure to support the future growth of your business. We offer a variety of IT support services such as Managed IT Support, Hosting Services and Digital Marketing. Our InfuzeCare Managed IT Support is designed to: - Manage and monitor daily business operations - Minimise additional costs to the business - Ensure the protection and security of business data - Enhance business performance - Reduce risk of downtime

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