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Our technology enables us to take what was unconscious (or outside of our awareness), via the data it generates and effective interpretation creates awareness and therefore makes us more conscious. I used to think that technology was the problem when it came to wellness and it was returning to the ancient methodologies such as meditation, yoga, qigong among so many others that would enable us to return to wellbeing. It was in realising that these are in fact ancient technologies and that the technologies that we develop today should serve our wellbeing and evolution as these ancient technologies do. In that realisation it became apparent to me that we can use our modern technologies alongside our ancient practices to objectively measure what is happening. With that data we gain insights which we can use to help us individually and collectively evolve into higher states of consciousness. It's here we are learning to bring together a healthy relationship between our humanness and the technology we are creating. What we measure we can verify, learn from and improve so as to maximise our health, wellbeing and performance If that sounds like something you are interested in, we'd love to have you involved in our community. Welcome, let me show you around iAMconnected.

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