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Go Systems was founded to deliver ICT (Information and Communications Technology) from a business perspective and let business goals drive the right ICT solution for the client. We are a Cloud First Company and work with medium sized business to provide them with a Cloud First Strategy and Solution. We cover every aspect of ICT for this sector, including ERP, Automation etc. Go Systems' vision is to be recognised for providing ICT services and solutions to businesses that help them and their clients work smarter and really improve productivity. Cloud – Computer/Server Networks – Telephone networks – Mobility = Work from anywhere. We strongly believe we can support our clients in reaching their vision by continually finding better ways of leveraging technology to work smarter. Using our ‘5 Steps to a Smarter Business' methodology, we help our clients increase their productivity while saving significantly on ICT. Our mission is to: • Provide ICT solutions that help clients work smarter - Cloud First • Be a trusted ICT adviser, supporting our clients to reach their visions • Constantly deliver outstanding value to our clients • Invest in our own people and infrastructure • Research evolving new technologies • Recommend clever ICT investment • Make sure our clients can take peaceful holidays Go Systems has been providing solutions and services since 2003. In the 2020's, your customers, prospects, staff and partners expect a certain level of technology from your business. You need to show them that you have everything sorted.

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