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We create innovative technology to improve people's lives. VYVO has established a platform, through the use of anonymised personal data collected from its technology products, to create an AI, highly-personalised report and supplement solution to help you become the best version of you. #SmartGeneration Join the #VYVOSmart and reach your potential with advanced, personalised artificial intelligence, health and wellness analysis. TECHNOLOGY Wear and use your VYVO technology products. Start monitoring and collecting your daily bio-parameters in the VYVO smart cloud. SUPPLEMENT & REPORT Directly receive a highly-personalised monthly supplement and AI report. The report allows you to easily understand where you stand, showing ways to improve your health and wellness habits together with your tailor-made NutraPak supplement crafted to your specific needs to help you achieve a better life. SUBSCRIPTION Subscribe to VYVO smart services. Choose one of the available subscription options to enable our Oracle AI to analyse your data and your habits. VYVO™ rewards you every time to use our tech products. VYVO Token is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain. It is implemented to create a data streaming system based on personal health and wellness biodata, captured directly from VYVO wearable devices in real-time. Welcome to the most innovative and global business opportunity. Discover how to earn an additional income or maybe even completely change your life with VYVO's opportunities. Take advantage of this fast growing worldwide market sector.

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