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1 Telecom is one of the fastest growing startup telecom service provider in Australia. Being a genuine Australian organization it carries a die hard belief in providing excellent service to people in Australia. We work hard to provide the best telecom services to our users, one that delivers benefits to all our customers from the biggest corporate to the common man. 1 Telecom believes in customer satisfaction, thus provides the best ever internet and landline services to its users across the country. Our wide range of telecom services which include both mobile and inbound services are easily available to you at a very cost effective price. Our services There are many corporate customers who want to get the better quality of services at the best rates for their business. For them, we have brought a large number of telecom services and the attractive phone rates across the country. Our products 1 Telecom provides a wide variety of products services whether it is for Business or Residential purpose, and other services like Mobile, Internet, Bundles and NBN at a very competitive price. Our service levels are highest in industry among others.

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